School Visits

Special rates are available for school visits during term times.  We provide varied activities suitable for KS1 / KS2 pupils who are given exclusive access to the museum on days we are closed to the public. We also cater for special needs school children.  If you are a teacher or education professional and want more information please email

On 6th May 2019  Collège Verlaine,  Bethune, France chose Dover Transport Museum as the destination for a group of 13 year old students making their first trip to an English speaking country.  We are proud to have been chosen by the College; it was a great day for students and museum volunteers alike.

Group Visits, Clubs and Coach Parties

The museum welcomes visits from clubs and social groups, whether your interests are in transport, social history or just a desire to walk down memory lane. Group visits can sometimes be arranged outside normal opening hours. For more information and availability please contact:

Contact Dave Atkins:
01304 822409 or 01303 248999