Tools with a Mission have now collected more tools from the museum, which they will renovate and send to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They recently sent a fantastic 20 tonnes of tools to people who desparately need them.
If you have any tools, machinery, computers, etc., that might be of use to them please bring them to the museum for Tools With A Mission to collect, refurbish, sort into trade kits and send to the developing world where they are desperately needed.
Here’s a list of some of the things that they need
Haberdashery kits Builders’ kits Drills and power tools Desktop computers
Hand knitting packs Plumbers kits Motor mechanics kits Laptop computers
Knitting machines Electricians kits Motor workshop kits
Bags of knitting machine wool Ground worker kits Welding machines
Electric, manual, treadle and industrial sewing machines Carpentry trade kits Industrial tools
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